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Airflo Rails

FAQ Page

Q: Hi, I just ordered a rail, how long does it take to ship to _____? (state/country)

A: Our standard products that are in stock typically ship within 1-2 business days. Custom products will take longer. Contact David (owner) at the contact page with inquiries. When the item is shipped it usually takes 2-5 days in the USA. International shipping always varies. Typically, it takes around a week for Canadian orders. Anywhere else can take 7-21 days. All items are required to be searched through the receiving country’s customs department. Tracking for international packages is not available unless the weight of the package exceeds around 6 pounds. Please, be patient.

Q: I just ordered a rail. Have you shipped it yet?

A: Please be patient, your email that you paid with will be notified when your product is shipped, along with a tracking number. (If it is in the US) 

Q: My rail has rusted! What should I do?!?!?!?!?!?!

A: This will happen. The temperature and humidity where the metal is stored is probably different from where you live. The easiest thing you can do is look at your house for some steel wool or Scotch brite pads. Apply steel wool or scotch brite pads to non painted areas. If you don’t have any, Check your local hardware store. It’s about $2 for a medium grit pack, but any type of steel wool will work.  If you still have problems, try cleaning the non painted part with WD- 40, goo gone, or goof off. Wax is not recommended, it will make the metal worse in the long run.  

Q: Are you sponsoring?

A: No, all of the team riders are all close friends of mine. I like knowing the riders rather than basing sponsorships solely off their trick list.

If you have any further questions, contact David at the contact page!